Lopez bought the palace: Just look what a luxurious mansion

Jennifer Lopez and her future husband often give each other expensive gifts, and everyone knows it. Recently, footage from the transfer of the star couple appeared in the media. The future Mrs. Affleck has acquired a luxurious property that resembles a castle. We, too, were not indifferent to this news.

The luxurious mansion cost Jennifer $ 60 million, can you imagine? Fans of the couple are actively discussing this, leaving various comments.

“An enviable bride”, “I wish I had such a woman”, “What a luxurious mansion”, “It’s just a palace”, “Ben was lucky with his future wife”, “We never dreamed of such a thing. luxury»

“Beautiful couple”, “Affleck found his beauty”, — in the comments under the pictures.

Finally, we wish our beautiful couple love and harmony in their new home.

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