Jennifer Aniston poses without makeup and in a mini biкini: shows that 50 is the new 30

Jennifer Aniston poses without makeup and in a mini biкini: shows that 50 is the new 30

Jennifer Aniston dazzled at 53 years old by showing herself without any makeup and in a biкini. The actress dazzles thanks to her naturalness.

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most admired actresses in Hollywood, since she not only managed to captivate with her talent to play characters that stayed in our hearts, but also makes fans fall in love with her naturalness at all times.

For the actress, showing the most natural side of her is something of everyday life, since she is not afraid to show her skin without any type of retouching or makeup, it is also common to see her in outfits that expose each of her the body details of her.

She demonstrated this recently, when she shared a photograph in which she appears enjoying the sun on the beach and posed in front of the camera without any makeup.

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In the photo shared on her Instagram account, you can see the famous woman wearing sunglasses, her hair loose and wearing a hat, which immediately generated different reactions among her followers.

“You are a queen”, “your hair is perfect”, “Beautiful, Jenn”, “you don’t need any filter”, were some of the more than 8,500 comments left by fans on the publication.

In addition, the photograph reached more than 1 million likes on the first day of publication.

From a very young age, the Friends actress was an inspiration for thousands of people and, although the years go by, she does not stop gaining new admirers, since there is nothing that steals her natural beauty.

It is true that the passing of the years leaves some physical changes, but for the actress this has only been beneficial, since she continues to be as beautiful as ever.

Aniston has been characterized by fearlessly showing her expression lines, natural skin and unretouched body of hers, so that she completely ignores each of the criticisms that the “haters” leave her way.

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