Ana de Armas shines in a biкini and conquers her fans once again

Ana de Armas shines in a biкini and conquers her fans once again

Ana de Armas continues to attract the attention of her fans, but this time not because of her performances. The actress raised the temperature in her networks with some suggestive photos in a biкini.

The famous Cuban posed for the snapshots in a biкini with very little fabric, while she was sunbathing during a well-deserved vacation in Italy.

Although the scenery in the photos is truly beautiful, it could not overshadow the sensual figure of the actress. What a great body that of the girl!

From one of the photos, in which a man’s legs can be seen, it is intuited that the actress is not enjoying this vacation alone.

Last December Ana de Armas was caught on the streets of Los Angeles kissing her then new boyfriend, the vice president of Tinder, Paul Boukadakis.

However, in recent months rumors of a romance between her and actor Chris Evans have grown, when both artists participated in the filming of Ghosted, but nothing has been confirmed about it.

What is known to all is that the young Cuban actress continues to succeed in Hollywood.

Last week the trailer for one of Netflix’s most anticipated films for this year came out, The Gray Man, in which she plays the agent Dani Miranda, in charge of watching over one of the protagonists’ backs.

More premieres of the actress are also expected this year: the movie Blonde, in which she will give life to the iconic Marilyn Monroe, and the new James Bond film, No Time to Die.

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