Еmilу once again соոfirms she has the bеst biкini wаist

Еmilу once again соոfirms she has the bеst biкini wаist

The model and actress shared two photos on her Instagram account where she boasted of all her natural beauty

Emily Ratajkowski managed to steal all the attention in front of a stunning sunset during her New Years break at the beach, where she partyed with friends to welcome in 2023.

The My Body author showed off her slender figure in a red biкini, looking like she was part of the scenery and blending in with the orange and yellow hues of the natural wonder behind her.

Adding some casual flair to her look, Emily wore a pair of oversized ripped denim jeans and despite how much they covered her up, the brunette bombshell managed to give them a sехy appeal.

Emily’s dark locks were still damp, most likely from a refreshing dip in the ocean that left her looking like a nature goddess.

She added to the National Geographic vibes with a second photo on the carousel, which showed her surrounded by green trees and tons of plants. The model looked at the camera with a sultry gaze, acting like the best advertiser for her own swimwear brand Inamorata.

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