Paսlina as a tօpless gօddess: “Each of you is a beauty”

Paսlina as a tօpless gօddess: “Each of you is a beauty”

Paulina Porizkova isn’t ending 2022 without another hot topic for women to discuss. But first, she stopped everyone in their tracks with her gorgeous tоpless beach snapshot at sunset. Now, that she has her followers’ attention, here’s what she had to say.

The 57-year-old supermodel shared a tale about traveling to St. Maarten and how her girlfriends on the trip complimented her for being such a champion to women.

They told her that her real-life superpower is making “other women feel beautiful.” Porizkova explained why she was so stunned by her BFFs’ revelation. “I had often been accused of the opposite.

My image, I had been told, had been making women feel bad about themselves for decades,” she wrote in the caption. “But what my girlfriends were saying, was that my presence made them feel beautiful. Looking at me made women feel bad but hearing me made them feel good.”

So now, she makes “a point of complimenting others” because “every woman is beautiful in her own and unique way.” She’s reminding her fans to celebrate every moment and be a cheerleader to those around them.

Porizkova has been open about not always feeling like a supermodel even though her career has spanned decades. She has given a raw portrait of how society’s idea of aging has affected her — but she’s done with that narrative.

Porizkova is here to continue the rallying cries of empowerment and equity — and sometimes, the fashion icon may do it tоpless to make sure the message is heard — loudly and clearly.

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