Gwyneth likes to be alone with nаture. Ноt tоpless blоnde phоtos

Gwyneth likes to be alone with nаture. Ноt tоpless blоnde phоtos

The au naturel queen! Gwyneth Paltrow always promotes self-love to her fans on social media, whether she shares a subtle tоpless selfie or a fully nude photo on Instagram.

In honor of her 50th birthday, the Marvel Cinematic Universe star shared a classy image of herself spray-painted in gold, posing totally nude in September 2022.

However, this wasn’t the first time Gwyneth has posted snapshots of her full body. In September 2020, she posted a picture of herself proudly standing naked outside.

“In nothing but my birthday suit today,” she captioned an Instagram post at the time. “Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes, and thank you to @goop‘s insanely amazing brand-new body butter for making me think I can still get my kit off [sic].”

Despite her confidence, the Goop founder opened up about the “scandalous” pictures during an October 2021 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“It was so lame, I’m so bad with this stuff anyway,” Gwyneth told Ellen DeGeneres at the time. “Basically, my team, we have this amazing product, it’s a body butter, and it’s literally incredible.

They were like ‘Hey, why don’t you pose nude for your birthday in honor of [this] body butter?’ “I was like ‘Really? I don’t know, I’m a little old for this.’ I’m not a nude poster type of gal, then they talked me into it. So, I was leaning the camera against a fence and taking my clothes off in a backyard. The whole thing was a disaster.”

However, the funny photo-op hasn’t stopped her from sharing a few, rare tоpless moments with her followers. In November 2019, the Iron Man actress reflected on Breast Cancer Awareness month while covering up her seemingly bare chest with one hand for a photo.

“I was working and traveling, so I punted my annual checkup a few weeks,” Gwyneth captioned her dimly lit post at the time. “I went to go see my friend @sonobreasts for a radiation-free, pain-free breast scan. I like to do these in between mammograms to cover all my bases.”

Aside from at-home moments, Gwyneth has also stripped down for the camera a few times. In 2019, the Thanks for Sharing actress posed shirtless for a photo shoot, for which she only covered her bare skin with two straps.

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