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Child Custody

Houston, Texas Family Law Attorney

Child Custody is an integral part of divorce when parents have children under the age of eighteen. The term child custody applies to variety of parenting arrangements to which a couple may agree or which the court decides.

When a family lives together in the same household, parents generally have an understanding of the responsibilities each parent has concerning their children. After divorce, the old rules no longer apply. The parents must put conflicts aside and reach a mutual agreement on how to raise their children. Our attorneys can assist you in understanding the complexities of parental rights and duties as provided for in a Divorce Decree and how best to protect your children's best interests and their emotional and physical well being.

Child Custody Arrangements

Absent circumstances that put your child at risk, such as abuse, neglect or alcohol or drug addiction, Texas courts take the view that joint parental custody is in the best interest of a child(ren). Typically, one parent will have primary custody, while the other parent will have regularly scheduled visitation. Child custody in Texas is referred to as conservatorship, which the law defines as managing or possessory.

Child custody in Texas is referred to as conservatorship, which the law defines as managing or possessory.

  • Managing conservators have the normal parental rights and responsibilities and the right to manage the affairs of a minor child. When the court makes the decision for the children, the law specifies that the judge may appoint a sole managing conservator or joint managing conservators.
  • Possessory conservators have only the right to access the child(ren) under a specified schedule.
  • Joint managing conservatorship is the sharing of legal rights and duties. However, a primary custodial parent typically establishes the child's legal domicile within a geographical restriction (i.e. Harris County).

Legal Help for Child Custody Cases

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Texas Board Certified Family Law attorney, Barry Radcliffe has broad and extensive experience dealing with child custody issues. He can explain the law as it pertains to your situation, help you find practical solutions for your child custody issues and when necessary, aggressively protect your legal rights in court.

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