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The United States' population is aging, and the needs of that aging population are changing as many elderly adults become unable to make decisions that are in their own best interests. At Schwab & Radcliffe, L.L.P., we advise individuals and families on guardianship matters. A guardian is appointed to make important decisions on behalf of an incapacitated individual.

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What is a Guardianship?

A guardianship is a legal arrangement in which one individual is assigned the duty to care for and make decisions for another. In order for a guardian to be appointed, it must be determined that the individual in need of a guardian is incapacitated and that the proposed guardianship would be in that individual's best interest.

The courts determine incapacitated individuals to be:

• Unable to provide food, clothing, and shelter for themselves
• Unable to provide for their own physical needs
• Unable to manage their finances

Guardianships for Children

Guardianships are often appointed to protect children's property and/or financial rights. A guardianship may be appointed for financial reasons if a child has property in his or her name, or is the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. In any situation, this type of guardianship is intended to protect the child's best interests.

Guardianship Lawyers

At Schwab & Radcliffe, L.L.P., we work with clients to develop the best plan to protect their loved one's interests. For those in need of a guardian, we conscientiously and thoroughly work through the legal process involved. For guardians, we explain the responsibilities that come with this important appointment.

In our Houston, Texas, law office, we also provide services in powers of attorney and conservators.

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